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(Last Updated: March 2010)

View my self-designed site for my 3D Reel and more of my work.
Be forewarned, the site is still under consturction in areas

...Creature Modeling...

Benjamin is part of a series of characters I've designed and the first to be completed in 3D. Next, I will be sculpting displacements for him to closer resemble his facial illustration...

For more info regarding my characters, please email me or check out the character design section of my site at www.lisamarie.biz

A pre-designed Creature, the RedCap is one of four characters from a series called Huntik that I replicated in 3D. I had roughly 10 days to recreate them all. To see the others please visit my website @ www.lisamarie.biz. They were used for a commericial for a Huntik Card Game on Fox 5 Kids.

...Prop Modeling...

Built for an intro to the Stella Fashion Night of 2008. Recruited to model this cello in 1 day.

...Character Modeling...

Created for an Advanced Modeling and Rigging Class taught by my mentor Danny Williams at SVA. The textures are very basic and still a work in progress... No bump has been applied yet and I plan to use Mental Mill for SSS effect. However, I wanted to put this up to display a working UV layout.

...Life Drawing...

Traditional: Charcoal, Granite, Pencil. Most of these are a mix of 1/2 poses to hour poses. I have some 5 -10 minute gestures as well, if any one is interested please let me know.

...Concept Art...

Designs constructed from a mix of hand-painting and photo-manipulation in Photoshop. See the thumbnails to the right for additional concepts.

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